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Assigning permissions to certain groups

Hi, Im fairly new to all of this but am learning fast. Im building a service to auction unused freight space in cargo trucks. Sort of like a mix of and Uber. For now until the idea is solid and i have the serch function flows nailed down i am doing allot of the matching by hand. Im presently building a database to hold all of the truck freight and customer data. Im comfortable building and populating the database and entry forms but am unsure how to assign the user permissions to one group instead of another.

Im wanting to let the truckers only see certain loads while the small businesses getting things shipped only need to see their entered loads, as an admin i need to see everything to match them. If someone could push me in the right direction i would be greatful… Dave

Sorry if this is a simple question, I really am pretty new at all of this but i think its better to learn to do things yourself.

Add a field to the User for “User Type” (or whatever suits). Set this when you adding users.

Then you can hide/show stuff in Conditional based upon User Type.

Or do different processing in Workflow.

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like this?. I am assuming that when I create the user that I use the Cargo Hauler or Shipper to allow the separation?

Yes, but I am not sure you want a list of Users on your User ? That is more like… a list of Users who are Friends of this User … If I am understanding what you are after.

I think you might want to think about the User Type being a Text field with a Drop down that has Cargo Hauler or Shipper etc

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i understand now, thank you

Hi there

What’s the best thing to read / video to watch to understand HOW to implement Conditional based upon User Type? Does EVERY design element and workflow have to start with a Condition eg. Is this User a trucker, if not, they can’t see this. Is this User a Shipper, if so, this thing will happen instead.

Rather that do it at the field level, it might be simpler to do it at a group level. So show a group on a page per user type, and have that group show only their fields.

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