How to create dynamic page properly?

Hi guys, i’m a bit stuck and would appreciate some advice. Please see the attached image.

On the menu on the left are several links to different “pages”. I however want this same template that you see for the different pages so I am thinking of using the same one page and just replacing the dynamic data when each link is clicked.

  1. Is this indeed desirable? Bearing in mind that this is back-end content so there is no need for SEO. It seems to me navigation would be smoother and quicker this way.
  2. How would I go about linking each link to the new content?
  3. How would I design the different content without it overlapping with existing content? Is there a way to hide the existing content during the design process?

Your advice would be appreciated


Easier if you just follow along > custom states my friend:

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@nomorecode Thanks man, I will watch this video now

You’re welcome, best of luck.