Landing page to underlying dynamic page - domain page hierarchy structure

I couldn’t find any help on this unfortunately but if there’s any previous solutions then please help!

How do I create a better page hierarchy/ landing pages that links to the underlying dynamic pages I have created?

I believe this not only helps with SEO but helps in the page navigation structure and site hierarchy.

I have created a template/ dynamic page that pulls in a range of data items - lets call it “Stuff” from a dataset of 4,000 unique items with their own slugs. The page structure would be: etc.

BUT now I’d like to set up a specific landing page for the page hierarchy which would be:

This landing page talks about the underlying data, can search for the “things” and would have a unique meta description etc.

I’m unable to create this landing page though as the page slug is used for this reusable element and I get the error “You already have a page or reusable element named hs-codes-for in your app, please use a different name”

Any suggestions?

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