How to create Dynamic Status for multiple data fields


I am currently trying to find an easier way to create a dynamic expression that is used to set a check box by default.

I have currently set this up in a unmanageable way since it requires me to set a expression up for each individual item in the list.

I’m making a photo tagger so that a user can tag all photos for their hotel listing and at the same time store photos in the database according to which room they would like it to be saved in.

On the photo tagger popup element I have a repeating group with a checkbox input element that is set to search for all property rooms for the current users property.

Users can have unlimited number of rooms, so this repeating group could get very long, but no matter what it is not possible to know how many rooms a user might load.

I then have an dynamic expression set up to show the checkbox as checked for the “Add Photo to ALL Rooms” checkbox input element. This is so that if a photo is saved in all the rooms the checkbox is checked by default.

The problem is that in order to get this to display correctly I am having to create a messy, long and unmanageable dynamic expression.

The Important part of this is the Room ID which is set to be equal to item:1 from the Repeating Group Property Rooms. I need to do this same thing for item:2, item:3 and so forth.

What I want is to have a manageable dynamic expression that is basically going to say the Room ID = RepeatingGroup Property Rooms List of Property Rooms: ALL ITEMS.

I am assuming there is a way to make it possible to try to search for all items at once.

Any ideas on how to do this? I don’t want to create a dynamic expression with a large number of entries to try and guess the total number of rooms a user might add or limit the number of rooms they could add.

By the way this is how it looks to the user:

And when one of the rooms doesn’t have the photo saved: