Help to set Dynamic Status at Checkbox with Repeating Group

My app organization works like this: a User can create multiple Business, and the Business are able to have Multiple Services. Both Users and Business are data types and only the Services are a option set.

The user can select multiple entries of services, and i’ve already manage to save those entries at the Business database, using a Custom state + Workflow to edit the Business services List.

Once i collected this data, i was trying to show at the Website Menu a Repeating group with all the Services Options, just like the first one that the user used to choose the services options set. But i want to check only those services that the user already have choosen, that i was abble to save the list at the Business database.

So i couldn’t find a way to set the dynamic status formula of the checkbox to make what i wanted to happen. This way, i wish someone could help me to set this feature up.

Tks for now.

So the way I work with checkboxes in an RG is to refer to the parent groups status eg

I also have a conditional that looks to see if the records value is empty and set the default (inb this case checked)

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