How to create dynamic width of texts from RG

Dear Bubblers,

please It’s possible to create dynamic width of texts from repeating group in new responsive design like on the picture?

Thank you so much


I don’t believe it is possible at the moment since the responsive engine needs rows or height minimums.

One thing you could try though: break the repeating group into two repeating groups (one for each row) with a fixed row of 1, and display arbitrary item #1 to #4 in the first one, #5 to #8 in the second one etc etc…
I think that should work!

Hello @petr ! @sgigoipecqueux

It is possible. :smiley:

Use a button element and set it to mins width/height of 10 with infinite maxs. Set fix width to content. Place it within a group with a row layout and center aligment and similar mins/maxs of 10 and also setting fix width to content. Define 360 roundness for the group with no borders.

Place the group within another container of type row and “play” with sizing and offsets as needed.

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