How to create loading animation before navigating to new page?

Hi there!

I have created a bunch of popups where users can input information which will be saved to my database and at the end the user will be navigated to a page with prices based on their inputs.

The way i have done it is essentially each popup has an input field and a “next” button until the final popup has a button that says “show prices”

At this point when the user clicks “show prices” they are directed to a new popup which says “Scanning the market” and a loading bar displays.

(This is to try and provide a positive user experience)

My problem is that i need to try and get from the loading animation popup to the pricing page but how do i do that?

essentially i want the loading bar to load for around 5 seconds and once that’s done to then navigate the user to the ‘pricing page’

Is this possible? Can i add a function to do this?

I have provided some images to try and describe what im trying to do too!

Thank you for any help!

Hey there @jack.hogarth,

What I typically do is have a “When Page Loads” workflow that shows a popup on page load, then create another “Do when…” workflow and the condition for that is when Page load (entire) is “yes” hide the popup.

Hope this helps! :blush:

Thanks Johnny!

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