Why there isn't any Loading animation (ux) plugin that works properly?

am I missing something or adding a smooth and well working pre loading animation, in order to improve ux, is currently hard/impossible?

I mean, there’s no easy way to tell bubble this: Show loading animation first thing, before even loading anything else. And then hide it until page is fully loaded. And by fully loaded, consider any repeating group in the page and wait for it to be fully loaded too.

I also find it very funny how most pre loading plugins demo use a button to trigger the loading animation. As it’s far from real use.

Bubble needs to tackle these kind of things (regarding preloading animation and even preloading data), as a great UX is imperative for any app success.

Anyone could shed some light in this?

The best way to do it we’ve found is just create a large full screen group, add a loader SVG from loading.io for example in the middle, and then use conditions or actions to display the loader when the page is loading or actions are being taken.

Works seamlessly and makes for a really smooth, reliable animation and transition :slight_smile:

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