How to create multiple inputs of the same data type at once?

Hey guys, I’m trying to do the following:

If it was just a regular input form it would be already working. However, once an user click on “+” add button:

Now the thing is… how does it work when you have to save this… No matter how many different Data type “operations” is requested from the user, if 1,2,… but less than 10.

How do I make this work?

By working I mean, at least, to be able to save all those inputs at once. I’m not using any repeating group or whatsoever. I had difficulty in managing that too for this case.

Hi @jairocbastos, how are you?

You could have each input auto-binded so that when you change that input it automatically changes the field.

Then to make it look like you are saving data, have the parent datatype with a status field “Pending” and when you click save, it changes all the “Pending” to “Complete” then do what you need to do after that

Hi @pattokane that seems to be a very elegant and simple solution. I’ll try it. How would you do to have n groups as diplayed ? Using a large form group within a repeating group?

Would highly recommend having it in a repeating group.

You can have the repeating group on the page and have it search for the datatype you are creating with a condition that status = pending. This way when you click save they will all disappear after being changed to complete and give the appearance that things have been saved and data reset.


Hi @pattokane,
in this case would you recommend also to create the list of operations and fill it before hand with at least 1 empty operation so that the list show at least 1 element which all fields are auto-binded ?
Then whenever the client wants to create a new typeform to add a new operation would you also trigger the event to create a new operation and add it to the list of operation which status = pending?
Is there another way around this? I am trying to understand if it is necessary to go in and out the database or if is there another option to make it more straightforward.
Thanks in advance

Sorry mate, not really following what you mean now. Can you do a little video or loom explaining what you mean?

What are you autobinding to if your user can create an unknown amount of these input fields?

If you want to create “n” number of those output groups a repeating group would definitely be the cleanest method.

You could create a data type called outputs


  • Date
  • Category
  • Description
  • etc
  • User/project/client (whatever)

And when someone clicks the plus button you create a new output in the database - then save all the data in the inputs for that specific output when they click save or auto bind to that repeating group output item.

When a user wants to see all their outputs you can just have a repeating group that does a search for all outputs that equal their user/project/client.

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Hey @pattokane, it wont be necessary.
Thanks alot mate.
The solution for the problem I had is pretty straight forward: just create a list of type “operations” and reference it as the data source in the repeating group list. Then auto bind everything as you said. Then just make the database work for edge cases, like “duplicating” or “exlcluding” an operation.

Thanks bro, see ya!

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