One Save button for Repeating Group inputs

Hello, I have the following inputs within a repeating group:

  • Price Type Name
  • Price Value
  • Price Expiry date

These inputs need to be saved in data type Event Menu as separate records and not as lists With one Save Button. This is because this repeating group is within a larger form.

Would appreciate your help on describing the exact steps


I thought I would try few things on my own until I receive an answer>> I tried to do an API workflow but I keep on getting errors… either I am understanding the key parameters wrong or I am doing something else wrong… So please if the answer is within the API workflow I would highly appreciate it if the answer was a little bit more elaborate… Thanks

@rami The recent API workflow webinar is live on our YouTube channel though you can do what you are looking for with a standard ‘create a new thing’ or ‘make change to a thing’ action. The main steps are:

  • In Event Menu data type, create 3 fields- name, value, expiry date
  • Action to create Event Menu thing in the database
  • Autobinding to fields in the database if the user is modifying values in the database from the Repeating Group

Not really a fan of the expiry date. Is it possible for this to be solved with a plugin?

or could it be possible to delete when a user leaves the page (like a custom state)?