How to Create Reusable Element with Preserved Workflows and Conditionals


When I create a group encompassing header elements such as logo, navigation, and button groups for logged in and logged out users; I apply all of the relevant workflows and conditionals. From there, if I convert the group to a reusable element and add the header element to a new page, none of the workflows and conditionals are available.

Conversely, if I save the working header on a page that I can use as a template with which I would create all new pages, the header works exactly as desired on the new pages. While it’s not much more work to go one way vs the other, I’d still like to crack whatever it is that preventing my reusable groups from being, well, reusable.

Any guidance here would be most appreciated.


Most common reason for this is because custom workflow triggers do not get converted as they live on the page and not specific elements

Not creating a reusable element to begin with is one part of the reason you had an issue with what sounds like first attempt at creating reusable elements. Instead of building on a page and using convert to reusable, you should instead just start by selecting create new reusable element and build it as a reusable element from scratch.


Thanks for weighing in on this.

When I dug in further on the workflows, even though the elements were copied with their respective workflows, I did not copy the actual popup elements themselves to the new reusable header (thinking this should be accomplished by the conversion). That was the blind spot. Once I copied the popups to the new reusable header element, everything worked as expected.

As for your advice, yes, I could have saved quite a bit of time had I started with a new reusable element from the get go. Going forward, I’ll definitely put that into practice!

Thanks again,

Popups, group focus, floating group, and all workflows that are not element workflows (custom triggers, conditional triggers etc.) are never converted over. I’ve requested Bubble make the feature more functional by allowing us to convert an entire page to a reusable, but that is just going to be an idea that lives and dies on the idea board.