Copying Elements w/Workflows referencing other elements

On my index page, I have Login and Signup element buttons that when clicked, ‘show’ a Login popup (that then do login or signup process).

I wanted to have these same elements on other (interior) pages. I copied the two elements (“with workflows”) into a group, and copied this new group to another page. Login and Signup element buttons copied along with workflows. However, I got this error:


as this other page can’t access either Popup element.

  • do these Popup elements need to be part of the group as well so they get ‘copied’ to others pages? (ie is each element only available on its original page and not accessible on other pages?)
  • is this the best way to do this? I tried to take my login/signup buttons and create a Reusable Element (rather than a Group) of these buttons in my header but seemed to have the same problem w/a workflow error.


Good attempt here, you’re almost there.
So you are right, you can not access the popups from another page. The solution would je to copy the popups also. Same thing as you did for the buttons. ^^
And you dont need to put them in the same group to copy them (actually you cant put popups in a group with your buttons I think). Just copy the buttons first with their workflows. Then do the same for the popups or any object you want to copy.

Now. it will work but it’s definetely not the best solution. Go for a reusable element. That’s the way to go.
Create a reusable élément called header and build Alm your header in it, popups included. Then you can put this header on any page.

Thanks - makes sense. A few Qs:

  • I first wanted to ‘ungroup’ the elements I had grouped - I see in the docs that option but when I select the ‘group’ I’m not seeing the ungroup option (only the group) option.
  • as to the reusable elements, I highlighted the various header buttons but I can’t get the two popups to all ‘show’ at the same time so I can select all of them to be part of this new reusable ‘header’ element. Can you ‘add’ elements to an existing reusable element? I converted the header buttons as they all displayed, but when then showing and selecting the first popup, there didn’t seem to be an option on converting to add to an existing reusable element. Should I be able to see all the elements (buttons and two popups) all at same time so they can all be selected and all converted into a reusable element?

actually I stand corrected! Finally found the ungroup option under the Arrange menu item…but still can’t figure out to get the items and popups all in a reusable element…

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