How to create this type of app (like Ray Dalio's "Principles")

Just signed up for Bubble to attempt to make an MVP. This project is mainly for fun and learning. I’m not a programmer, more of a tech power user.
I’d like to create an app similar to Principles by Ray Dalio:

It’s mainly a contextual search and text results app (eg, “I’m in situation X, what are my potential solutions?” Then the app would show the relevant keyword-based results text.
In the future, it would ideally ask a series of questions and provide better results based on the responses.
Which lessons, templates or articles in Bubble should I check out to learn how to build something like this.
Excited to jump in!

Gaby from Coaching No Code has a ton of great tutorials on YouTube. I’d search “Repeating Groups” and watch some of those tuts. That’ll be a great start.

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Also, I suggest you becoming familiar with how to structure the database. Look for tutorials and learning material for how it is done in Bubble.

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