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How to create Twitter-like hashtags within an input field?

I tried looking at what did but it appears they didn’t include hashtag functionality. Does anyone know how including hashtags within an input field could work? Incredible job by the NRT creators by the way.

Right now, I have had to create two separate input fields (one for the Tweet and one for the “hashtag”/keyword), but it would be better to have Twitter-like hashtag functionality.

Any thoughts?

@vlad @vladlarin

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I have an open crowdfunding request for this functionality. We just need to raise the funds and Bubble will build it. :slight_smile:

Have you tried using find with regex to extract the hashtag keywords out of the input field? I don’t know enough about regex but in the examples I’ve seen it would seem capable of doing this. However, doing a realtime as you type suggestion for the hashtag doesn’t seem possible with current bubble tools.

hey @Joe - So back when NRT was built there really wasn’t anything that could be done with hashtags besides the separate input method that you’re suggesting. Now, there is still no way to do it easily but you could potentially at least extract hashtags from text instead of having to type them somewhere else. You would find an API or build one in Blockspring that takes a text string and returns a comma-separated list of values that start with a # in the text string. Then you could store that list against the post and do various things with it (display it, do searches based on items in it, etc.). Obviously not a very clean solution but may work if absolutely necessary.


A Regex is certainly what you want, but you will need to iterate through the text as there could be more than 1 hashtag. And you can’t do that in Bubble right now.

Will see if I can set up a little webtask to do this.

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