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How to create two different user types in bubble

I am creating an application similar to Tinder in functionality
The bottom line is that one side (side A) can add an unlimited number of profiles with a description, with a photo (like in Tinder), which users will have to see (side B) and interact with these profiles (swipe to the right, swipe to the left, Match and etc.)

I don’t really understand how to create side A so that it can add many profiles with descriptions with photos, etc. and side B could see these profiles.
As for the interaction( Match, swipe to the left, and right) here I understand how to do it
Thank you!

It’s not clear whether you’re saying that you want/need to have two separate datatypes for the different User types, or if you just want t way of distinguishing the two types of User.

In the first case, I would create two datatypes, separate from the standard User datatype, and keep the User type data very light. Then just have a field for each of the other two datatypes on the User and link the User to one or the other of those. Although I’m not sure that’s necessary for you use case from what you’ve described (but it may be).

In the second case I’d just use an option set - have an option set for User Type, and a field on the User datatype for User Type, set to one of the options.

Then just use conditions within your app to manage what User’s of different types can and can’t see/do.

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