Login mixup of multiple types of users

Hi, I have two types of users in my typical market place App - seller and buyer. The intent is that if a seller signed-up with an email “[email protected]” and a buyer now wants to login with the same email address, it should NOT let him/her sign in. I’d like to make the buyer in this case sign up separately for a “buyer” account - the app should come back with a response that “the buyer account does not exist” even though the email address exists in the user database. Any suggestions? How do I keep the user types separate as users sign up and login?


Hello @dhawan_30

If a second user wants to signup using an existing email, Bubble will not let him to do so as the email is a unique identifier of a user in the system.

Consider classifying a seller as such and a buyer as such. Build the necessary UI so that buyers sign up as buyers and sellers as sellers.

Thanks. So you mean creating two separate data types say the default bubble “user” data type for buyer and create a new one called “user-seller”?

It would be easier to put a data field on your user type that is a text field or option set. This will let you distinguish between if the user is a seller or buyer.

So maybe the field is ‘user type’ and its of text so your user data type would have a field that would hold either buyer or seller as a text…then you can set up conditionals based on this.

However, in terms of signup and storing what type of user it is, you need to figure out your UX and how you want to navigate a seller to a signup that would save their user as a seller and navigate a buyer to signup and save their user type as buyer.

I’ve done this before with a check box ‘select user type’ with two options: buyer or seller…but of course you can get more creative and do it in a better way.

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Nope. Bubble provides you with only one built-in user data-type for authentication and user management. … An actual user using your app.

@boston85719 provided excellent suggestions for managing and UXng your seller-users and your buyer-users. Many other ways to go about this. At the end of the day Bubble needs to be able to recognize who a seller-user is and who a buyer-user is. It may be as simple as stating seller? yes/no … if yes then him/her is a seller, if no then him/her is a buyer.

Thank you both! I was able to make this work as you suggested

Thanks for the info, I’m having the same question so I’m gonna follow those advises, but I’m also wondering, how can I set conditions so they are sent to different pages and user experiences depending on what type of user they sign in as. I have 3 scenarios, restaurants (which are my clients), couriers (which is my staff), and admins (me, to grant access to new users, check on everything that’s going on, etc…)