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How To Create Unlimited Amount Of Things And Store In A Temporary State?

I’m trying to allow the user to create a trip itinerary with an unlimited number of Flight Legs but I can’t sort out how to store them in a temporary state and I don’t want to use auto binding because it’s dreadfully slow.

I’m using a repeating group with type Flight Leg and a custom state on a group with a list of flight legs which get added too. The data source for this repeating group is the group with the custom state list of flight legs.

How can I “set list” or something using the values created inside of each of the inputs (which can be unlimited) to reset the State List? It doesn’t give me these ‘set list/add list’ options like it does in other cases. I’m also unsure if I’d be able to associate each of the inputed values for each flight leg inside of the repeating group to the custom state list of flight legs without auto binding them together.

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