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How to delay loading of RG

Hi Bubblers

I have a repeating group that has many elements with numerous hide/show conditionals in it that shows on page load. The page loads extremely slow. What might be some ways to attempt to load the page faster, then show the repeating group after it’s loaded?

Thanks so much,

This may not be the answer for you but for me sometimes - changing the layout style of the repeating group to

Ext. Vertical scrolling

makes a massive positive difference to the UX perceived load speed of a repeating group.


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I’d suggest attacking the root of the issue – why the RG is taking so long to load. (I’ve found the articles and book at to be the best on the topic).

If it’s absolutely impossible to fix the root issue, then this feels like spinner territory, where you are trying to distract or reassure the user while the RG loads. So you’ll be hiding the RG and showing a spinner until some condition is met. This will take some experimentation to see what works… like a When workflow to show the RG only after the page is loaded, or a condition on the spinner and RG that shows the spinner and hides the RG while the RG is loading.

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