Repeating Group image loading time - hide until they are displayed?

I have repeating groups which pull data from an API and then display an image from my database depending on the value pulled from the API. The images load way later than the repeating group and load at different times on the page. It looks horrible and not good for user experience. How do people deal with this? I am thinking of showing a loading pop up until all images are loaded and showing but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this?

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What is the trigger of this occurring? Are they clicking a button or loading a page and that’s triggering the workflow?

I’ve never dealt specifically with RGs with this logic, but I have done similar use cases.

I’ve handled situations similar to this by simply showing the loading spinner on action (eg. click) as the first step in the work flow… then let the actions perform… then the last step have “Hide loading spinner”

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