How to delete a Date Range (it's part of a list field) in a RG

Hello, I’ve hit a wall trying to update a list by deleting the current cell value of a RG. The data that I’d like removed when the “remove” button is clicked is a date range. I’ve looked nearly everywhere online but can’t seem to find a topic that addresses this. Thank you!

Here is a link to the page: Wowcater | Bubble Editor

Hi there, @david30… if I am seeing things correctly, I think the data source of your repeating group needs to be Search for Vendor Availabilitys:first item's Closure Dates (first item instead of each item… or maybe it doesn’t matter in this case). Then, the workflow should just be Closure Dates remove Current cell's date range. Have you already tried that?


Hey Mike, yea I’ve tried that it doesn’t remove from the database. My RG data type is set to date range fyi

I see you changed the workflow, and it no longer shows an error, but the repeating group still shows each item instead of first item. Have you tried that change?

Just tried making that change and now the “closure dates” are no longer visible.

I just set up an example on my end that is exactly the same as your setup, and it works as expected. Are you sure its not a data issue? Which user are you using?

You’ve definitely got some data issues. I don’t see a user who has the same kitchen as any of the things in the Vendor Availability data type. Also, it looks like you might be saving each date range as a new thing in the Vendor Availability data type instead of adding each range to an existing thing’s Closure Dates field.

Wait, now I see the user… it’s hard to figure out what’s going on, but I think you might not be saving the date ranges correctly.

The user I was using is [email protected]. When logged in as him I can see all of the closure dates and his schedule, I just can’t delete those closure dates…

I don’t understand why Closure Dates is a list field if you aren’t using it as a list. You are creating a new thing in the Vendor Availability data type every time a date range is added. At that point, I would think you could just delete the current cell’s vendor availability thing when the remove button is clicked, and you might be good to go.

Yea I wanted to use it as a list. Maybe I should just change it so it’s not a list.

Okay, if creating a new thing in the Vendor Availability data type every time a date range is added is what you want, then the repeating group’s data source should be a search for vendor availabilitys with a constraint where the kitchen name is the current user’s kitchen. Then, you will be able to make changes to the current cell’s thing when the remove button is clicked, and you can remove the date range from the Closure Dates field if you want or you can just delete the current cell’s thing if you want to get rid of the entire record.

Thank you Mike, seems like it’s working now :raised_hands:

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It doesn’t look like you added the constraint I mentioned to the repeating group’s data source, so you probably need to do that, too.

Got it thank you!

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