How to delete just one thing from list of things in database

Hi. I have a list of times in database. I display it in repeating group. I would like to set my working process for press delete button and thing in current cell delete. How I can do that? I tryed to make change in list of thing, only if selected date contains current cell times. But it’s not to work. Delete list of thing it’s (of course) it’s to delete all list. How I can delete only one thing in list in database. Thank you

So is your list of dates connected to another thing? Or that’s just a independent list of dates?

Yes, it’s connected with list of dates. I need to delete exactly time for exactly date. If I choose in calendar date, for this date displayed list of times. I need to delete current cell time only for choosed date.


For example I need to delete thing 12:30 from list of times for Feb 17

I try to to make it with help remove, but nothing happens

You a trying to delete current cell’s text. But the thing should be something like current cell’s date/time

It’s because type list of times is text. Remove list of times ir’s not to work too


You can delete the current cell’s thing. Look at the example below, I have a delete icon in the RG and when its clicked I just delete a thing as below. Its a Parent Group Journal because I have the group inside the RG.

Yes, it’s can work. How did you set repeating group for each thing from list of things dispaying in each row in repeating group?

In the RG you pull data from the db say for a thing.

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