How to delete a div using jQuery?

I’m using the jQuery plugin LOADERR and I’m trying to delete a div that shows up inside another div.
It’s something like this:

some text...
more text

The div inside is unnecessary and I want to remove it using jQuery. I’ve tried the remove() method but it doesn’t work.

You talkin’ about MY LOADERR plugin? It loads scripts, it doesn’t have anything to do with what you’re asking.

But if you wanna kill a div, you use this:

Don’t use jquery for shit like that, just do it with JavaScript.

(Actually, don’t use jQuery for anything at all. There’s no need anymore. Just 'cuz Bubble loads it doesn’t mean you should use it.)

Interesting comment, @keith! I would offer a slightly different perspective.

While I’d agree that there’s not a “need” per se, it can definitely make life simpler and easier - especially if one’s already familiar with the library - by reducing the amount of code and time required.

I’d say that’s actually one of the most compelling reasons TO use it. It’s already loaded, and a reference is conveniently provided. Again, though, if one’s not already familiar with the library, it’s harder to make a strong argument for learning it. Just my $0.02. :slightly_smiling_face:

Today on “Point/Counterpoint”, @keith will take the counter-point position:

“jQuery sucks”


Horses for courses, @sudsy, but jQuery is from the time before when JavaScript didn’t suck. Modern JavaScript (more correctly, the browser API in most cases) has all of the things that jQuery had, implemented in most/many cases in better-performing code. I super-hate jQuery and (though LOADERR has the stupid “uses jquery” box checked, it doesn’t use jquery. That checkbox doesn’t matter, BTW, as Bubble loads jQuery anyway at all times as far as I can tell.)

#i-cannot-be-bothered-to-uncheck-the-box :wink:

As an amateur at JavaScript (but getting better), this is quite interesting as I imagined learning jquery to be the logical next step.

Yet here are two people far ahead of my coding abilities saying it’s not worth learning :exploding_head:

JQuery is just a library— an alternative interface to doing things in some other way. It used to (YEARS AGO) be essential. But now it’s not helpful as we have native ways of doing all the same things.

Embrace the new way.

JQuery is useful for situations where you’d otherwise need to load polyfills or a complex set of scripts that handle the variety of browsers.

Seeing as this is a no code platform, please don’t listen to them and learn jQuery. It’s a stepping stone to more advanced JavaScript libraries such as React.

Vanilla JavaScript didn’t work as well.