How to delete a list of things

I need help with deleting a list of things. I have created a calendar function which creates appointments that can recur. I am now attempting to build a function that will enable all of the associated recurring appointments to be deleted by the user. When the user clicks on a calendar, the the following pop up is displayed showing information regarding the appointment and if it is repeated. All associated repeated appointments are assigned the same Recurrence ID in the database.

Edit Delete Appointment

When the user selects the “Delete all future recurring appointments” check box I am trying to run a workflow that will delete all future dated appointments with the same Recurrence ID as the one displayed in the pop up. However, the workflow I have created only deletes one record from the database and not all of the associated appointments with the same Recurrence ID. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Hi there, @nick.hempsall… I could easily be off base here, but I’m assuming you have another workflow associated with the delete button that only deletes the popup’s appointment, yes? My guess as to what’s happening is that the popup’s appointment is being deleted first, and now the system has no way to identify the recurring appointments because it cannot compare their recurrence ID’s and start dates/times to anything.

I would suggest that you move the workflow step for deleting a list of appointments into the same workflow with the step that delete’s the popup’s appointment, and put the Only when condition for the checkbox directly on the workflow step. Also, make sure that step happens before the step that delete’s the appointment in the popup or, again, the system will not be able to compare the recurrence ID’s and start dates/times of future appointments to the popup appointment’s recurrence ID and start date/time. Make sense?

Apologies if I missed the mark on this one, but that’s my best guess as to what is happening.


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Mike, you are a genius! If only I had asked the question three days ago :frowning:!

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