How to delete things when the user leaves a page

Hello there,

I want to delete a thing when the user leaves a page.

When the user click on “create thing” the app navigates the user to the page where a thing is created. There he has to complete several inputs (autobinding) but the thing is already created.

I want to set that if the user leaves that page, current page thing is deleted.


You can put an botton (delete) a go to workflow a search “delete a thing”

I already have a button for that, but my question is… how to do it if the user suddenly leaves the page. For example if the user decides to type and leave my app

Hi there, @santiagopoli3… a question that comes to mind (for me, at least) is do you have to create the thing as soon as the user navigates to the creation page? You mention auto-binding being used on that page, but the flow seems kind of weird because you are saving data as the user enters it, but you want to delete the entire thing if the user leaves the page. At what point would you not want to delete the entire thing? In other words, how does the app know when the user is done and the thing no longer has to be deleted if the user leaves the page?


Mike, the user will have a button “create thing” but in fact it would be already created. That’s why I want to delete that thing if the user leaves the page.

The other possibility is only navigate to the page, and then create a thing when the button “create thing” is clicked, but the problem I have with this other workflow is that I can’t sent empty “data to send” as I’m getting an issue.

Yup, that’s what you should do. The reason you are getting that issue is because the page has a type of content set for it. If you don’t need the page to have a defined type of content (and I’m thinking you shouldn’t, given that you are using the page to create a new thing), simply remove the type of content for the page, and you will not have to send data to the page when you navigate to it.