How to design for 1440px and 1920px?

Hi! I’m working on a desktop app mockup, not a mobile app yet.

I have a doubt about what screen size should I start with. I’ve seen that Bubble’s maximum width is 1200px, and responsiveness can’t be tested for larger screens. Should I design for 1440px or 1920px first and then check responsiveness in 1200px?

Thank you!

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I built web apps larger than 1200px wide inside the Bubble editor. Should be possible.

Much harder though to make it responsive down to 300px width.

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Is it the only way to design for large screens as 1920px-width ones?

You can set any width that you want manually. I would go for 1440px, unless you’re building to display on a fat screen. You could go 1920px, but that would be strange to do.

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