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How to detect users movements and use?

I am wondering how i can improve the experience by detecting where the users click and use the most, is there any plugin or manual implementation to do this?
If so, i will be pleased with any directions, thank you.

There are definitely tracking services that can do this. Some google searching will come up with a bunch of sites that compare available services and what their capabilities are.

You can definitely do this natively in bubble though as well although, depending on how many elements you want to track, could take some time to set up:
The most efficient, from a user experience point of view to do this (i.e. not slowing down the user) is to use custom states for each element that increment by 1 every time an element is clicked. Then, once the user leaves the page, there is a workflow that saves those custom states to the user database (you’d need to have a field for every individual element that you want to track or have one field that is a list but that second option gets messier when trying to analyze the data).
If you don’t care about user experience, then you could skip the custom states and just save directly to the database on every click but that takes about 0.5-1 s per database save which could be laggy.

Great and cleaver response, the method is already plannred for a better experience measures AI, the way to feed the DB and transfer the reflect action taken by users.

But i thought for a better view such analytics and AI points on the screen for view, to build a touch measures if you understand my point.

Sorry but no. I don’t understand

Hey @aldevelops :wave:

Are you looking for something like this? HotJar Analytics & Site Recording Plugin | Bubble

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Touch recorder, sorry for misunderstanding.

Exactly, let me check the cabilities and get back to you. Hotjar is great service.

Do you have any toturial or something to review?

Thank you dear

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I personally haven’t used it. I don’t track my users. :man_shrugging:t2: However, Zeroqode gives you an example you can look at on their site. They are the ones that added the plugin. Check it out here: HotJar Analytics Site Recording Plugin for Bubble | Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode

Hope that helps! :blush:

I will try it and give my feedback here soon, thank you for your effort

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Sounds good. :blush:

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