How to direct users to homepage when not logged in?

my app has logged in and registration but when someone is not logged in and open one of my secured pages they will see a blank page because I set them to hide when not logged in.

I am thinking of if they are not logged in they will be pointed to the homepage instead of seeing a blank page

You will need to trigger a workflow on page load “only when“ current user is not logged-in, that redirects to the login page (or popups a login facility).

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thank you sir it worked!

If you have a reusable header element, put a conditional workflow trigger together that will trigger the action ‘go to page’ and be index page only when the user is not logged in. Don’t do it when the page is loaded, because if the user is logged in when page is loaded and then they choose to log out, they wouldn’t be redirected back to the homepage…but if you just use the conditional trigger and make sure it is set to run every time, they would be.

Then on every page the reusable header is placed on this will run when the condition is met and you won’t need to do it on each page individually.


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