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I just want to ask if there is any possibility to redirect when user isn’t logged in on the specific page? For example I want to create a page where data is available only for authenticated users. I don’t want to show this data for users who are not logged in.

There is possibility to create event in the workflow where you can check that user is logged in, if not you can easily redirect this person. The problem is that this redirection is starting after the page is loaded. I don’t want to hide all elements on this site for not logged in users to prevent from showing this data.

Thank you in advance!


I’m truly not sure, I haven’t played with those conditionals but you could group every element into the main group and just that group!

Hi @winar46111,

Thanks for sharing this. I’m having the same problem of setting up redirect before page load. I can only think of hiding the elements on page load and reveal them if the user is logged in. Did you figure out a solution for this?

Thank you very much!

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Sure. Create an intermediate (and empty, size 10x10 or even less) page where the only workflows will be redirections to pages using user is logged in, user is logged out triggers.

This page will be accessed by all your users and they will be redirected immediately to where they have to, depending on your use cases.

Hope this helps!

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And on your page for authenticated users, add a Workflow for logged out users : redirect them to the routing page.

Thanks @Christophe_HK, we’ve solved this thanks to your input!

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Happy to hear that! :+1:t2:

Bud what if the user finds out the final page link, they will see the info likewise before being redirected = (

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Yes, if they have the link they will see the page content for a few seconds. What you can do is put a group with flat color (even white) at the front of the page and make it invisible if the visiting user can access the page content.

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