How to display a file (ex: a CV in PDF) as an image in order to have a preview of the file before downloading it?

So I am trying to display a file from a file input, as a visible image.

Unfortunately, with the method I used in the screenshot provided, it does not appear during preview.

Do you guys know any plug-in that would help me ? Like an image converter for files ?

Any help would be very appreciated !

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Hi @olivier6,

Perhaps try this plugin to convert PDFs to an image file?

Thank you a lot @johnny, I will try to do it and keep you in touch !

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You can use Better Uploader to preview ANY file before uploading it. In my app, I preview PDF files inside of an iframe, you can even scroll and print the pdf before uploading it. Works like a charm

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Thank you man ! I’ll give it a try !

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