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How to Display All Users Except Current User from Text

How do I display all users in a list, except the current user? Extract would make sense but only allows Type email…

Set a repeating group to search for all users, then pick :filtered, pick “Advanced”, and enter: “This User is not Current User”
This should display all users except for the current user.

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Thanks @georgeciobanu. To be more specific, I want to display dynamic text with all user’s names who are participants in a conversation (except the current user). Filtering the data source in the suggested manner eliminates all conversations where the current user is a participant, which is all of them.

I assume you have a “conversation” thing, that will have a Creator Id ?

You would probably need to find all the related “conversations”, then do a unique elements, then do a filter to remove the current user.

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@csblack Should be possible. What does your current attempt look like?

Right now I have a repeating group of conversations.

Inside the group I have text: “Parent group’s conversation’s participant’s name”

and “Parent group’s conversation’s participant’s image”

How do I get “parent group’s conversation’s participants name (/image): less current user”

That way each user’s conversation features the name of the other participant, without displaying their own?

Have you tried combining my recommendation with Nigel’s? As far as I can tell his suggestion is spot on.

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Okay finally! For anyone else with this issue, here is a screenshot.

Thank you for the help guys.