Unable to filter users based on logged in user's data

Hi All,

I am trying to get a list of filtered users based on the logged-in user’s information.

To do this, I have given a button on my profile page, which when clicked on, takes me to a different page.

This page should now display all the users from my database that belong to the same country as my logged-in user.

I am applying all the filters but it only returns the logged-in user’s name.

I tried listing just the list of all my registered users but even that is not working. I am getting a blank page. No errors.

Please help!

Hi there, @praveshpandeyie… check to see if there are any privacy rules on the User data type that are preventing the expected data from being shown.


Hey @mikeloc
Thanks for this, it worked! :slight_smile:

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Hi @mikeloc

How can I exclude the logged-in user from this list?

Thanks again,
Pravesh Pandey

I got it.
for anyone looking for this, here is what I did.
Just add “:minus item Current User” in “RepeatingGroup” table “data source”