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How to display and download Multi-files upload

Hi, I tried everything but my brain will explode!

I have Multi File Uploader by bubble in my app, and what every i try, I cannot show all these files in Admin section. All privacy things are set to work with admin user type.

I tried table, I tried repeating group, group etc. Non of these wont list names and urls of the files which are uploaded using Multi File Uploader. I can easily show and download files who are uploaded by single file uploader, but these with Multi File Uploader, just to don’t wont to show up anywhere. Nor I cant find a solution how to download them separately.

Does anyone had this kind of problem, or does anyone had any kind of advice.

Thank you.

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Hi, according to the tutorial, I believe this will be a great solution for me, as I can save a bulk upload as an individual files in the database. This is a great solution what you created. I will respond again, when I try it. Thank you for the support!

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