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How to display data for the user from different table

i am really new to Bubble. I have to say that is REALLY great. Good job guys!
I have a small issue with using data.
I have a data type= user , data type = address
in address i have fields like, address, street nr, town, and so on.
In design view i made a form where current user can add his address. when i click “Save” i can see the data in the database, i can also see that, this specific row belongs to the user:

The question is:
How can i show this data in users account? i simply cannot make it work
Thank you in advance

Do you have a field on your user for “address?” The type of thing should be set to Addresses (based on your naming here). You would then save the address to the user’s address field.

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yes i do.

and i get the entry in the database. But i can’t extract this information in users account in front end.

Under the “User” data-type, the “address” field needs to be a list.
I’ll make an example with the functionality and give you a link soon, that way you can back-engineer it to see how it works.

Here you go…
user functionality example

This example stores information about cars (model and color).

How to use it…

  • Press the “log in” button, then in the “sign in” popup select “login” at the bottom right of the popup
  • The fake login I used is [email protected]
  • The fake password I used is 1234
  • Close the login box
  • Put any car model in the put model here box
  • Put any color in the put color here box
  • Press the button labeled add
  • If you are logged in, the information you just added should show up in the table at the bottom (I already put two entries there)
  • If you log out, the information in the table should disappear.

Take note that in the database under the type “User”, I made two entries called “model” and “color”. Both those fields are of the type “Cars” and both of them are lists.

After about one week, I will be deleting that example so my dashboard doesn’t get clogged up. However I will make a complete tutorial on it sometime, which will be stored somewhere else.

Thankyou @cakeheke . Your example helped me understand repeating groups / displaying data from the backend :sunglasses: