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Send user data to different pages

I would like to display the user data on a dashboard after he has registered or signed up. The problem is that I’m not able to get the user data such as email, zipcode, phone number etc. from the database when i sign in or register.

Workflow register user:

  1. User fills in the data (email, zipcode etc.)
  2. User submits the data by clicking the register button
  3. Sign the user up
  4. Go to page dashboard
  5. When I want to display the CurrentUser’s Address (for example) I’m not able to select this property

After the registration I should be able to get the user data even when I’ve just signed in and not registered again, so I’m searching for an explanation where I can store this user input fields in my database (in the user object of the database).

Can anybody help me?

Check out your User data type in the Data Tab. Create the fields you need with the appropriate type. For example, create first name field that is type text and a last name field that is also type text.

In your first screenshot, click “Change another field” to set the values for other inputs you have in your registration page. That’s how you save the other info upon signup.

Once you create the fields in the data tab, you’ll see them as available options in that dropdown in your third screenshot. You’ll notice that at the very bottom of your dropdown, you can create a new field directly from here as well.

I also suggest you check out some of the intro lessons at as it will help you understand some of these basic concepts for saving and retrieving data.

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Thank’s for your reply.

I’ve successfully stored other values (like surname, location etc.) into the data tab:

After that i’ll try to send the whole user object (incl. surname, location etc.) to the dashboard site:

On the dashboard site the “type of content” is “User” and the text output on the dashboard is like this:

but I get only the value of the Current User’s email (which value is by default stored in the user object). But the data will be sucessfully stored in the Userobject in the data tab so the problem is the part where the data will be sent.

Any ideas?

No ideas?