How to display data

Hi was wondering if anyone could help me figure how to do something. So i want to be able to display data results from a form onto a page on my bubble app. On one page there is a form and I want the answers to the forum to be displayed on a separate page

Indeed, the lessons is probably a very good place to start.

Since it’s your first post, let me try to help you a bit more since the lessons did intimidate me too in the beginning.

One way to solve your problem would be:

  1. create a page with a form
  2. when the user hits save, those inputs get saved to your app’s database
  3. the user goes to the display page
  4. on that page, the app loads that info it just saved to the database

Indeed, it might be good to start with some courses. The ones from Bubble are a good start. Then you can go with:

ps: the first course I ever took was @brentsum’s AirBnB course (link). His course spoke to me in the way I best understand a new topic. I’m forever grateful to him.