Help please, help, i want to save data

How do i allow users to submit data and then have it appear as part of a list on a separate page, for example if they were to submit a product and its price and they wanted to save it and have it appear on the home page alongside other products and their prices, thanks in advance!!

Have you walked through the Bubble basics tutorials yet? This is a really critical concept for Bubble, and those walkthroughs cover this (and many more) in detail. I suggest starting there.

Yes I have but our structure is slightly different to the tutorials and I am stuck. Would appreciate some help

Thanks for your reply

Sorry, would love to help, but the tutorials cover pretty much what you’re describing. Could you be more specific about what makes your case different/not covered by the tutorials? It’s very hard to understand what you are trying to accomplish from that description alone.

The easiest is if you share your app. Read more about that here: Open app for forum questions

Then we’ll try to help you out!


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