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How to display first name and last name next to each other, but names have different characters in lenth

I would like to display the First name and First letter of Last name, so something like this
Bob B.
John M
Mark H.

But if I simply take two text element and connect them to the first name and last name from the database. the problem is that each person’s name has a different number of characters, so it’s hard to judge where to place the last name text element?

So the result current looks like
Bob B.
John M.
Mark H.

How can i sort this out?

Hey bud,

The best way is to put both the first name AND the last name in the same text box. But after the last name put :trunicated to 1, something like this:

I had to use the :last item on the last name because when you “do a search for” you’re calling a list. Not sure how your data is set up but :trunicated allows you to control the number of characters that is displayed when you retrieve something from the database.

Make sure you put a space between the first name and last name calls


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