How to display list of users on RG without showing them together

I’m creating a feature where users can create their own groups. In this section, I want to show all group members in a list. The problem is when I try to do this in my repeating group. It shows all members in a single text box, separated by a comma. I want to show each member in its own cell. How can I achieve this. I’ll attach pictures.

Data: Group (Equipos)

  1. Group Name (text)
  2. Group Info (text)
  3. Group members (list of users)

Equipos here is the group and miembros is members. (It’s in spanish)

They’re displayed together and I want them separated.

Thanks for your help!

Just pop another Repeating group in there instead of a single text box.

Buena suerte!

Thanks for the reply!

I tried adding another repeating group inside the RG, but same thing keeps happening. I’m telling the program to display each item’s username which is why it displays them together, I don’t know how to format it, so it won’t display together.

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 8.58.20 AM

You’re so close!

You need the first repeating group to find the equipo’s and the second repeating group to display each miembro within that equipo. I’m not sure how your data is set up, so it could work many ways. but below is a mockup:

Try that out.


Worked like a charm! Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it!

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