How to display list of users on RG and how to access the users creator

The app consist of 2 users which is the admin and the member. The admin invites a member and display the member on Member’s Page of Admin. And I want to display also on the Member’s page of invited member.


Badly need help :frowning:

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The data is there. Inside the rg place a text element that says “parent groups creator member created by email”

Why its not separating? Data

Without seeing more of your database structure and app set up I can’t say for sure, but it looks like the text box is referring to the parent group’s creator’s list of members (which is a list).

You’re probably using the wrong content type for your repeating group (without seeing your database set up I can’t really say) - but you’re displaying a list in a text box - hence why there are multiple entries in the text box.

You probably want to set the content type of the repeating group to be those entry’s content type (members) rather than the creator content type.

is there any way that in the Members page of the member the users will display including the current user. My problem is the creator(admin) of the member.

It all depends how your database is set up, and how you’re accessing the data on the page - but you should be able to display anything you want, with whatever constraints and/or filters you need to show the data you want to display.

I’d need way more info to be able to give any specific answers, as I can’t really understand what you’re trying to do from the pictures posted above.

But if you’re trying to display members created/added by a particular creator(admin), set the RG content type to ‘members’ with a data source of whatever creator you’re referring to (perhaps current user?) 's list of members (assuming you have a list of members on your creator datatype).

If you don’t have a list of members on your creator, then you’ll need to do a search instead in your data source - so do a search for members, with the constraint of creator = current user (or whichever creator you want to refer to).

I’m not sure if that’s what you’re asking, so if that doesn’t answer your question, provide more info about your setup and I’m sure someone can help.

Perhaps you can consider going through a series of short videos by Bubble where one picks up many concepts that are needed for the situation you kindly share and possibly some future ones.

They could be worth your while

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