How to Display Timezone Nicely

Hi all,

The list of all possible timezones is very extensive - does anyone have a good resource / csv for a more eloquent set of timezones I could display for users to select.


What do you mean by “more eloquent”.

They are what they are.


If that list is created by Bubble and is provided via dynamic expression you should be able to create your own elements to display in a style you want.

Yeah, what exactly do you mean? You only want to show some of them? Or change how they appear? Or group them by offset?

What are you trying to do?

Hi - Sorry for my poorly worded question. Yes I want to group them by offset and give them the commonly use name such as Pacific Time, Mountain time etc. But Globally, not USA centric.

I actually know how to do this in bubble, I was more asking if anyone had a CSV of “nice” names for timezones vs. all the verbose timezone list bubble uses.


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