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How to do a Gantt style UI?

Hello I want to display data with subsets of different time lengths in a Gantt style.

I do not need it to be exactly a proper Gantt, actually looking at producing something a bit more slick.

Ideally I want the card items on the chart to be able to stretch horizontally, either by editing underlying date data or by simply stretching them.

There is no out of the box solution there, and the few add-ons I saw are too rigid or simplistic and won’t do: I want to be able to display various data on each element of the chart.

Thinking of something like the Gantt on Meistertask if you’re familiar with it:

Any tips or ideas on how to achieve that?

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I could build this in aMcharts for you for a modest fee! Send a DM to find out more!

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