How to download large json DB exports

I am trying to export my DB as a json. its big. when I do a csv the formatting is funky. BUT when I click this link, I am taken to a page that opens the json instead of a download starting. how TF do I get this file @bubble? I can’t open it in a browser window cause it’s too large and crashes the browser. the csv format sucks and breaks during an upload to an external DB.

any ideas here?

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HEY @jared9

Did you try using plugin CSV CREATOR, use action SEnd json to csvcreator.

I think the issue here that He wants to download this Json that bubble sends when I clicking export data from the DB. When I click the link in the email when I use this feature , instead of a file downloading, the Json opens in the browser too. Same issue

I had to right click the link in the email and click ‘save link as’