Download database as .CSV

Looks like this has changed, it now sends you an email with a download link.
Unfortunately the link opens in a browser window rather than downloading the actual .csv
file. If I right click and download it saves it as .csv.json and if I try to force it as .csv the file
get messed up.

Does anyone know of a work around. I need to update an email list asap.

Try this gem by @eli :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! but that would require me to add it to the actual app and push the app live to access
the live database I assume? Unfortunately that’s not an option.

A big pet peeve of mine, you can’t deploy parts of an app, it’s all or nothing as far as I know.
Makes it painful to bug fix while still working on new features. Not sure why there’s not more anger about this haha. Or maybe there is a way and I’m just stoopid :slight_smile:

Ah bummer, sorry.

Yeah this is an option, if you want to pay a lot more for the bigger plan. I personally don’t use it, but it’s been talked about quite a bit that it’d be nice to have on the lower tier plans. I’d love to see that some day, but realistically probably not going to happen.

Oh didn’t know the bigger plan offered that as an option. Good to know for future reference.

Oh well, better get going with manually comparing and updating the mailing list then. sigh.

@Emmanuel and team please, please sort this out, maybe wrap the file so it’s downloadable. I can see this becoming annoying really fast. :frowning:

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