How to empty a yes/no field


I know I can empty a text field, but is it possible to empty a yes/no field ?

Thanks !

Yes, just set it to blank.


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Of course I was aware of the method.

Actually, I used some workflows to get a Pie chart for percentage of actions done on time or not (relevant field is a date type)… I wish to get the Pie chart according to Yes/no factors ! But the plug-in requires number as field to be set to some extent, that is was it made me define a new type of thing specifically for setting the Pie chart.
Therefore I kind of have to transform the yes/no value to a number. Which I managed to do by adding a artifical yes/no field where necessary : it was a number type field getting the value 1 or 0 as required.

Anyway, in my workflow it seemed, even when I properly set a blank as you showed me, that it considers a No instead of nothing.

I may give more details whenever possible.

Thanks anyway for your answer.

Might need to see your extra details to help more, but wanted to point out that you can also format yes/no’s to numbers:

Without going too much into explanation at this stage, is there a way to set a condition if the value is blank/nothing?

It gives me the option to set “is yes” or “is no” but I can’t seem to figure out how to set a condition if it’s been erased to blank