Data field (Yes/no) default value could not be set to none

Hi bubblers

Here is a bug I have :

I created a data type with different data field. One of the data field is a Yes/no.

I originally set a default value for it, which was “no”.
I want now the default value to be empty, cause I figured out it makes more sense for my usecase.

In the Editor -> Data -> Data types -> this field, when I want to set a default value empty, there’s no visual option to set it as “empty” or “none” (like for option sets for example)

So what I did is select the default value dropdown and pressed the delete touch on my keyboard.
After it the value looks empty, and I actually could see the bubble editor saying “saving”, and then “saved”.

But, here’s is the bug, I have a page with a dropdown to set this field, it only has a placeholder and static value choices.
What I need on this page is :
If this data value is not empty for this page object, the dropdown is disabled.
What it does is that it’s always disabled… So it looks like there’s a default value anyway…

Thanks if anyone could help.

empty = no - that’s the way it works, had to learn the same lesson

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For me, yes and no are the only values available - even within an Options Set - so I’m not sure what you mean there.

Indeed, what Bubble calls a yes / no data type is what’s technically referred to as a “boolean”. A boolean, by definition, must be one of only 2 possible values - e.g. true or false, 1 or 0, yes or no, etc. As such, what might appear to be “empty” actually evaluates to a false or “no” value.

As an aside, the nice thing is that Bubble lets you use whatever you want to represent those two values in the UI via the :formatted as text and :formatted as number operations of the expression builder.


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Thank you guys.

I was thinking of a bug, but you’re right it’s a boolean. My mistake.
I finally find another way to do what I need.

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