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How to enable "Groups" in a MailChimp email subscription form?

I’m trying to create an email form that allows a user to submit additional info so I can put in the right email list. MailChimp has a feature that allows you to create “Groups” within an email list to customize your message to a group of similar users in the same list (instead of having to manage a dozen different lists).

Here’s my use case:

I want to ask a user when signing up…

What grade are you in? (one selection allowed - dropdown menu)

  • 9th
  • 10
  • 11th
  • 12th

Do you play any sports? (multi-selection allowed - checkboxes)

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer

Is the “Groups” MailChimp feature accessible from Bubble via API? If not, is there a recommended workaround?

It’s not accessible yet. If you need this, please reach out to us by email and we’ll look into it ([email protected])

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Hi @emmanuel this is a feature that I’m also interested in, I need to put users in certain groups, do you have any workaround?


Well the API connector can let you do this yourself now, you can add the calls to your app.

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Hi @emmanuel I already conected to the mailchimp API via GET request, because POST I get an error.

When I initialize the call I get the data, I click ok, but I cant use it in the workflows.

As you can see in image num 3 I cant see any data to use, I even have it in action.

Any clues?

Here is the URL:

You can use it, it’s just that all parameters are private, so they can’t be used in the property editor.

Hi @emmanuel how can I use them if they are private? can you please elaborate?


@luismichelcf You want to do a POST, not a GET, since you’re adding someone to the list.

Hi @Kfawcett Thanks for the response I’m kinda new to the API’s world, I don’t know why but I get an error when I do POST do you know any tut for this with mailchimp or any suggestions?

Thanks a lot

Here are some screnshot and the error I get.

I think your API key is wrong… it should end with the DC you are connected to. Since I am connected to, the end of my API has “-us-14”

You should be able to find your API key at the following URL, but the us14 would probably be us10 if the URL if have here is correct

They provide a place to browse and see the various calls.

They also provide API documentation. Here’s the specific page.

So you’ll need three pieces of info when initially submitting a new member with their interests, which it looks like you have in the JSON body section.

Email Address

I found your API key in the MailChimp plugin and updated it.

There does seem to be an issue though. I am able to submit the same request in postman without an issue. I would submit a bug report to Bubble.

Hi @Kfawcett thanks a lot for the help, yes, I was able to do the same with postma but had errors with bubble, did you already submit the bug?

Thanks a lot!

I did not submit a bug. You might want to recheck to see if it’s been fixed. I think the Bubble team was performing some updates to the API connector.


I thought I’d check in to see if this was something that is currently being worked on… I would love to use it!