How to enable "Log The user out" only at the end of the workflow chain?

Please help me.
How to enable “Log The user out” only at the end of the workflow chain?

Put all of the actions you need to do before logging out inside of a Custom Event and then put the log out action at the end of the first workflow.

Normally Bubble runs all actions in parallel but putting them in a Custom Event will make sure it finishes that step before proceeding.

Should I put all the workflow chain in a custom event?
Where should I put the Trigger?
Should I write parameters?

What am I doing wrong?

What is going on?
The user is not beeing logged out?
Did you already runned this code with the debugger on?

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This looks correct. What issue are you having?

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Popup locked has a condition.
The popup is invisible.
The user is logged out before the popup is visible

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