User logged out after inactivity, but popup still visible? / Prevent bubble from logging users out

I have a single-page app and sometimes I’ll have a popup open and leave the tab to work on other things, then an hour later I come back to use it and I find that I’ve been logged out, yet the popup is still open.

Basically I can see the popup with the data it was displaying before, and behind it there’s the login screen.

Since there’s no way to set a condition on a popup to make it invisible when the user is logged out, the only way would be to create a workflow to hide all popups when a user is logged out. But because of the number of popups I have and how often bubble logs me out, I’m looking for a more efficient solution.

Is there a way to just prevent bubble from logging the user out? I’d like to keep the user logged in for at least 14 days.

PS: In my “Log the user in” action I do have “Keep the user logged in” set to “yes”, but for some reason bubble still logs me out frequently.

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