How to enter or edit a field manually in Data tab

Hi, I am very new to Bubble and not a coder. One field for one database entry I uploaded via csv needs to be changed. I am trying to do it the easy way by manually just changing it (as this is just a test version), but am not seeing the field displayed in the app data view even though it is displaying in the preview mode

Can you please help me see what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

Are you sure you are mapping it to one of the fields in your bubble table? Can you post a screenshot?

Thank you

Here is a screenshot of the app data view, and fields

And the database fields (extract, could not fit all fields)


I thought your problem was at the import CSV time. I am not seeing a screenshot of that.

However, if you are missing a field in your view, simply create a NEW VIEW and make sure that field you want is selected.

So what is the name of the field missing?

Okay, there are multiple fields missing. In fact, the current view cuts off everything that alphabetically occurs after “Name”, i.e. any field with a name starting with n after “name”. I will do what you suggested. Thank you!

Interesting! When you say view, do you mean after you click on the little PENCIL icon to the left of the record?

Duh!!! Thank you, I didn’t realize that. This was super helpful and I am all set!! Thanks again!

I clicked the pencil on the right of the database in the app data view and it then showed me that not all fields were selected for current view. I didn’t set that view and don’t know how it got set but I now see how powerful this can be. Thanks!