Manual database edit wonky

manually editing the table in the data tab is inconsistent. sometimes i get the “got it” popup and the field is updated. other times it just goes back to the data tab overview. uploading a csv just to make a minor tweak to a record works but its a hassle. also do i always have to create a new view to see all the fields in a table? when i look at All xxx’s I usually only see about half of my fields. I have to create a view with all boxes checked to see all fields. Operator error? Plz and Ty

Most Bubbler’s build their own backend database view, it’s faster and more reliable. I’ve gotten to where I never use the built-in database view

good to know. thx. ive kinda realized that. but i still cant manually edit a field, even in views ive built. sometimes it takes the change and sometimes it just says :stuck_out_tongue:

ive seen on the forum that some people have set up a ui to tweak records during development. if thats the only work around right now i will just do that and be done with it. i am using csv files to make small changes but that seemed paleolithic


doh! im such a noob sometimes. trying to dev using a chrome browser on linux box. back to firefox :slight_smile: